Dr. Renee Bartlett

Pregnancy & Postpartum


Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy chiropractic care can improve pelvic alignment and balance; reduce preeclampsia, back labor and the need for pain mediation; shorten labor times; decrease back pain; decrease incidence of postpartum depression.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum chiropractic care can promote quicker recovery time from labor and delivery; restore proper spinal and pelvic biomechanics; reduce the need for pain medication; create more comfort while breastfeeding and increase the production of breastmilk. 

Preconception Care

Preconception chiropractic care helps promote regular menstrual cycles; prepares the body for healthy implantation; ensures proper nerve supply to reproductive organs; and decrease the overall stress response in the body.


About Me

As a wife and a mom, I understand what it means to be and care for a family. Lotus Family Chiropractic was created so that I could provide the same level of chiropractor care I wanted for myself during my pregnancies and postpartum healing.

Having run a full time practice in Berkeley for five years, I am now offering specialized pregnancy and postpartum chiropractic care. Pregnancy can be such a magical time, but it can also be very uncomfortable. Chiropractic care can ease that journey, as well as assist in an easier birth. 

Along with my chiropractic degree,  I have advanced training in pediatrics, pregnancy and postpartum care. I am Webster Technique certified, as well as a trained doula for hospital and home births. 

For me, I enjoy hiking, traveling and spending time with my family. Chiropractic care has played a significant role in making that possible… that’s why I want to help you do more of the things you love. 



"Dr. Renee is the best. I leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after ever appointment. Chiropractic care is the closet thing to magic you can experience."

Iris P.

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Currently offering clinic hours at
Oakland Birth & Wellness
5735 Shattuck Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609
Thursdays from 11am-4pm 
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